go site Here I want to share with you a bit of the instructions I share with every couple that comes looking to experience NeoTantra Sexual Practices. A slow-paced meditative approach to intimacy and sex.

click At the beginning of the training the couple will learn meditation techniques to help build a harmonic field between them, so they can experience the presence of each other in a non-rational, more sensorial way. Not only that, on the first module we already start the process of slowing down the haste connected to sex experiences, teaching ourselves that sex is supposed to be a path, not a goal.

http://kaynakbul.com/casino-slots-online-free.html We’ll use breathing, movement, touch and eye contact on such practices. Meditation is the key. It relaxes our nervous systems at the same time that helps us to be fully aware of our body energy.

go to site The practice starts by bringing the couple sitting one in front of each other, maybe on lotus position, touching knees with each other. Allow them to reach a quiet state; there’s no reason to talk during the whole experience. All the communication required is sensorial, non-verbal. They will both look at each other’s eye — focusing their sight into one of their partner’s eyes, without jumping their attention from eye to eye — breathing deeply through their noses and avoid blinking as they can. There’s no breathing pattern or pranayama to be followed, no movement is required. Just sit still looking at your partner’s eye while breathing deeply, more than you usually breath.

Yab-Yum Position

e/f slotsgården hovedgaden hørsholm After a while, when they feel ready, they will silently share their intentions with each other and ask for permission, so they can start slowly undressing each other, keeping the eye contact, opening themselves to each other.

When naked, keeping the eye contact at all times, they both offer their right hand to each other, with the palm of the hand facing up, and they rest the left hand on their partner’s right hand. At this point they should be breathing through their mouth. They’ll then start a movement with their hands front and back, stretching their arms, making sure both arms are close to their bodies so they can feel their elbows scratching their ribs on this movement. The timing of the movement is controlled by breathing; inhaling and exhaling should last the same time as the movement of the hands.

As each one has its own lung capacity and breathing pattern, at the beginning the couple might feel that one or the other is controlling the movement. This exercise is meant to awaken a let-go state in which no one is controlling anything, the movement is fluid and the breathing is calming; not too quick, not too slow.

After a while, Shiva – the male or the partner representing the masculine energy – brings Shakti to his lap. She crosses her legs around his waist – this is known as the Yab-Yum position – they hold each other closely and bring their mouths together. Now they’ll start breathing in and out into each other’s mouth, while moving their bodies front and back. It is important to stress that Shiva is supposed to hold and support his Shakti and that she is supposed to surrender and let go. When one is inhaling the other one is exhaling and they should find this harmony and rhythm in a natural way. There’s no point arranging something like “inhale as you go back, exhale as you bend forward”. They can even be with their eyes shut or looking at each other Ajna Chakra, the spot between the eyebrows.

At some point this front and back movement can turn into a twist, moving their bodies in a circular movement, keeping the breathing connected. After a while they cease their movement, keep the same seated position they’re in and begin with the sensitive massage touch together with the smelling experience.

The sensitive massage is a very subtle touch done using only your fingertips. It is the subtlest touch you can perform, almost as if the skin of your partner had to stretch a little to reach your fingertips. It is a fluid touch, which means that your hand should not be focused on any specific part of your partners body, but going up and down, connecting spots that are not usually stimulated at the same time. This is a powerful technique to spread the orgasmic energy in one’s body, teaching every single muscle to receive and connect with the sexual energy. It will also develop your sensitivity to perceive this energy in more subtle levels, which can bring a few reactions on your body, such as goosebumps and mild spasms.

While performing the sensitive massage on each other the couple can begin the olfactory-gustatory experience, first by smelling each other in specific point that are know to produce a large amount of pheromones: behind the ear lobes, the neck, armpits, underneath the breasts, between the fingers, etc. Also, every single part of the body that can be reached on this position can be thoroughly smelled. And to enhance the experience, make sure you open up your nostrils very wide and that your smelling is done fiercely, producing a noise and pulling lots of air, so your partner’s body can feel it is being smelled.

This will engage a snowball effect, making it produce more pheromones, which will make you want to smell harder, which will make the body produce more pheromones and, well, you get the idea! While doing this, they can both start moving their tongues inside their mouth in order to start producing saliva. After a good amount of smelling they can start licking each other at the same parts they were smelling before. The saliva will chemically react with the pheromones producing new senses, new smells. After licking is done, they can start smelling each other once again to perceive the changes. Bear in mind that the olfactory-gustatory experience can be performed together with the sensitive massage touch.

After the time of the practice is done, the couple is oriented to lay down with eyes closed, to integrate the mobilized energy within their bodies. This practice can last for 1 to 5 hours.