slot makinesi oranları Sexual energy is our life force, our vital energy. If you think of your life as a timeline, death is at one end of it and sex is the other extremity. The energy that is moved through sex is present in you since you didn’t even know you were about to exist in this planet. 

bilgisayarla king oyna But such a powerful energy is bound to be controlled by instincts. As animals, we tend to react instead of acting with our sexual force. Major religions and big ad agencies know that a long way and are not shy about exploiting that. Our sex drive is often converged towards shopping by sensual, seductive ads or repressed by doctrines of sins and guilt spread by the church in your neighborhood.

casino oyunları oyna slot Apart from that, we have pornography overloading the internet with stimuli, making a whole generation of young adults addicted to masturbation, completely unable to sustain the smallest level of sexual energy within themselves.

source site It is no mistery that we need to learn how to take a better care of our sexual energy. The question is how!

Introducing NeoTantra

source site NeoTantra is how do we call a movement led by the controversial philosopher Osho at the peak of new age’s counter-culture years. It’s based on a few Tantrik texts – specially from the Shaiva, non-dualistic tradition – but it willingly lacks some of its profound spiritual philosophy, for Osho was trying to bring these techniques to the eastern man, with no time to lose and a already hyperactivated mind filled with concepts and stressed with so many stimuli.

It relies on some principles that come from Tantra, exploiting its teachings a little bit, giving the impression that Tantra is all about sex. Sex is definitely not a subject on Classical Tantra scriptures as it is in NeoTantra workshops. The connection does not come from out of the blue though: a few tantric rituals could use sexual energy and bodily fluids, but that is not even 1% of what the Tantras have to offer in term techniques to awaken our consciousness.

But, be that as it may, the connection is made and it is helping a lot of people to find some new ways to explore and understand their sexuality. Because NeoTantra’s best contribution to the world is: making sex a meditative experience.

Sex and Meditation

If you look at the response cycle of whats is expected to be a healthy sexual experience, you’ll perceive that some stages require different biochemistry and activation than others. For instance, when we are getting aroused and reaching a plateau of excitation, we need to have our parasympathetic nervous system up and running. That will help bring blood to our genitals, enhance our sensitivity, get a better erection or being more lubricated and activate many other useful symptoms for sexual arousal to occur.

Most of the sexual dysfunctions that occur at these stages on a sexual relationship are connected to an activation of the sympathetic nervous system, which brings adrenaline to out blood stream. Adrenaline wont help us feel aroused, for it will take our blood our of the genitals and rushing to our legs and arms, so we can fight or flee. It is not concerned with sensitivity for there’s a danger detected, and there’s no time to feel. Breathing gets stuck, muscles become tense, and sex starts to seem like work. We feel tired to do it.

Meditation, on the other hand, will balance all the mess that is happening in our nervous system that leads us to these kind of symptoms. Literally any meditation can help you improve your sex life.

Sex and NeoTantrik Meditation

If meditation is already good for your sex life, NeoTantrik meditations are wonderful. Some of these practices will apply meditation techniques with contexts that can trigger or entice your sex energy. Like trying a meditation experience with a partner sitting on your lap with both of you breathing on a certain pattern into each other’s mouths.

Tantrik meditations are known for combining series of elements with a exquisite beauty. On NeoTantra – depending of what we are trying to focus on the practice – we can add aspects that will directly interact with one’s libido or sex drive. Feeling this instinct with awareness can bring to manifestation a lot of emotions that are deep into our subconscious – some of the undigested emotions that we relate and identify to and are getting in the way of a healthy sexual experience.

By meditating with different contexts and aspects regarding our sexuality we create a space to look and learn about our previous experiences, specially on how they interact with our present bodies. When we bring meditation closer to sex, we expand the time we have between an unnoticed unpleasant trigger and its response – that can take us away from an experience. We become more aware of how our sexuality manifests itself. We dare to try new expressions, new forms of love, touch, caress and, specially, new forms and depths of human connection.