r g slots From virgins in afterlife to forbidden masturbation, it is no secret that all major religions — Catholicism, Islamism, Judaism particularly — put significant effort into their holy texts in order to manipulate one’s sexuality. By using sex as punishment or as reward, by telling about their prophets and gods’ sexual activity — to say the least — all these scriptures try, in several levels, to establish control over their followers’ sexual energy. 

slot makinesi fiyat Why is that? Are they really concerned with moral issues? Maybe concerned about lose some popularity in the afterlife, should their followers be condemned after their judgement? Hell no!


The power of free flowing sexual energy

http://kaynakbul.com/slot-makinas.html The answer lies on the power of one’s sexual energy. This is our vital energy; the same energy that can create a life can bring more life, more vitality, into someone. To understand and be fully aware of this inner power can change one’s life. This energy can be used to harmonize your vibrational field, to balance the energy levels on all your chakras, to boost your metabolism, to produce hormones and for many other positive uses. Mastering this force opens up the consciousness, it changes your perception, and reveals all the wisdom that is held by your body. 

go to site Nothing brings more balance and stability to our nervous system than a proper sexual discharge. All the hormones and neurotransmitters that flood our body after orgasm boost our state of well being, relax our body and our thoughts by melting away the everyday tension we build up inside while going through and stressful lifestyle.

When you are unable to experience this level of relaxation through your sexuality, you’ll probably wind up reaching it somewhere else; abusing any substance, eating more than you need, taking prescriptive drugs that replace the hormones synthetically and so on. Of course our consumerism won’t leave those who have money without an option.

Control over sex molds the society

George Orwell and Aldous Huxley were both brilliant illustrating on their literature how much you can manipulate a population when you control their sexuality — with totally different examples. The first one, on 1984, shows a rigid society where sex is consider filthy and everyone’s sex drive is compelled towards hate. The second one, on Brave New World, brings up a liberal society where you can be seen as a considerable weird and inappropriate person just by refusing sex with someone. Even considered suspicious by the eyes of the government.

Just by dominating this aspect of one’s life, you can almost slave this person. You can attach several concepts into their sexuality, thus making sex an extremely mental activity. And this will change these people’s lives along with their own behavior. It will change the way they relate to each other; it will change their values, their goals, their clothes, their conversations, their relationship with the opposite sex, their relationship with their own bodies. 

For instance, why do we create only a family with someone we have sex with? Why do we need labels such as homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual within a society? What effects does sexual repression have except for a billionaire porn industry and a handful of traumas?

Knowing your energy through a spiritual path

That’s why Tantrikas — followers and practitioners of Tantra — were pursued all over the world. Because Tantra, as a behavioral and spiritual philosophy, presents you hypothesis for you to test that will help you to develop a different awareness of your whole body energy; instead of keeping it to the instinct level, Tantra shows you – by acceptance, never by conflict or repression – how to transform this instinctive urge into a sacred source of bliss. 

With unique meditations, Tantra guides you through a path of self-knowledge that uses your body energy as fuel. It eliminates all the dirty concepts your mind projects on sex or anything else related to your body by bringing your whole focus and attention to the presence of this energy inside you. You face your sexual energy in another context, without any of the mind games you’re used to handle, but with a meditative approach. This brings you a state of elevated consciousness about yourself, your ego, your individuality, and your essence. It is a path that makes you unique, not a piece from a flock.

Religions want followers, not wise man. They don’t want you to be an independent and critical thinker; they want you to follow guidelines. They need to shape you so you could be better at consuming their fate and battling their enemies. And if they have you thinking about right and wrong, about heaven and hell every time you take your clothes off, they got you already. Ask yourself this: how much of my sexuality and my behavior is connected with my inner self? If the answer puzzles you, it is time to meditate!