Introduction to a NeoTantrik Training

Here I want to share with you a bit of the instructions I share with every couple that comes looking to experience NeoTantra Sexual Practices. A slow-paced meditative approach to intimacy and sex.

At the beginning of the training the couple will learn meditation techniques to help build a harmonic field between them, so they can experience the presence of each other in a non-rational, more sensorial way. Not only that, on the first module we already start the process of slowing down the haste connected to sex experiences, teaching ourselves that sex is supposed to be a path, not a goal.

We’ll use breathing, movement, touch and eye contact on such practices. Meditation is the key. It relaxes our nervous systems at the same time that helps us to be fully aware of our body energy.

The practice starts by bringing the couple sitting one in front of each other, maybe on lotus position, touching knees with each other. Allow them to reach a quiet state; there’s no reason to talk during the whole experience. All the communication required is sensorial, non-verbal. They will both look at each other’s eye — focusing their sight into one of their partner’s eyes, without jumping their attention from eye to eye — breathing deeply through their noses and avoid blinking as they can. There’s no breathing pattern or pranayama to be followed, no movement is required. Just sit still looking at your partner’s eye while breathing deeply, more than you usually breath.

Yab-Yum Position

After a while, when they feel ready, they will silently share their intentions with each other and ask for permission, so they can start slowly undressing each other, keeping the eye contact, opening themselves to each other.

When naked, keeping the eye contact at all times, they both offer their right hand to each other, with the palm of the hand facing up, and they rest the left hand on their partner’s right hand. At this point they should be breathing through their mouth. They’ll then start a movement with their hands front and back, stretching their arms, making sure both arms are close to their bodies so they can feel their elbows scratching their ribs on this movement. The timing of the movement is controlled by breathing; inhaling and exhaling should last the same time as the movement of the hands.

As each one has its own lung capacity and breathing pattern, at the beginning the couple might feel that one or the other is controlling the movement. This exercise is meant to awaken a let-go state in which no one is controlling anything, the movement is fluid and the breathing is calming; not too quick, not too slow.

After a while, Shiva – the male or the partner representing the masculine energy – brings Shakti to his lap. She crosses her legs around his waist – this is known as the Yab-Yum position – they hold each other closely and bring their mouths together. Now they’ll start breathing in and out into each other’s mouth, while moving their bodies front and back. It is important to stress that Shiva is supposed to hold and support his Shakti and that she is supposed to surrender and let go. When one is inhaling the other one is exhaling and they should find this harmony and rhythm in a natural way. There’s no point arranging something like “inhale as you go back, exhale as you bend forward”. They can even be with their eyes shut or looking at each other Ajna Chakra, the spot between the eyebrows.

At some point this front and back movement can turn into a twist, moving their bodies in a circular movement, keeping the breathing connected. After a while they cease their movement, keep the same seated position they’re in and begin with the sensitive massage touch together with the smelling experience.

The sensitive massage is a very subtle touch done using only your fingertips. It is the subtlest touch you can perform, almost as if the skin of your partner had to stretch a little to reach your fingertips. It is a fluid touch, which means that your hand should not be focused on any specific part of your partners body, but going up and down, connecting spots that are not usually stimulated at the same time. This is a powerful technique to spread the orgasmic energy in one’s body, teaching every single muscle to receive and connect with the sexual energy. It will also develop your sensitivity to perceive this energy in more subtle levels, which can bring a few reactions on your body, such as goosebumps and mild spasms.

While performing the sensitive massage on each other the couple can begin the olfactory-gustatory experience, first by smelling each other in specific point that are know to produce a large amount of pheromones: behind the ear lobes, the neck, armpits, underneath the breasts, between the fingers, etc. Also, every single part of the body that can be reached on this position can be thoroughly smelled. And to enhance the experience, make sure you open up your nostrils very wide and that your smelling is done fiercely, producing a noise and pulling lots of air, so your partner’s body can feel it is being smelled.

This will engage a snowball effect, making it produce more pheromones, which will make you want to smell harder, which will make the body produce more pheromones and, well, you get the idea! While doing this, they can both start moving their tongues inside their mouth in order to start producing saliva. After a good amount of smelling they can start licking each other at the same parts they were smelling before. The saliva will chemically react with the pheromones producing new senses, new smells. After licking is done, they can start smelling each other once again to perceive the changes. Bear in mind that the olfactory-gustatory experience can be performed together with the sensitive massage touch.

After the time of the practice is done, the couple is oriented to lay down with eyes closed, to integrate the mobilized energy within their bodies. This practice can last for 1 to 5 hours.

NeoTantra – Turning Sex into Meditation

Sexual energy is our life force, our vital energy. If you think of your life as a timeline, death is at one end of it and sex is the other extremity. The energy that is moved through sex is present in you since you didn’t even know you were about to exist in this planet. 

But such a powerful energy is bound to be controlled by instincts. As animals, we tend to react instead of acting with our sexual force. Major religions and big ad agencies know that a long way and are not shy about exploiting that. Our sex drive is often converged towards shopping by sensual, seductive ads or repressed by doctrines of sins and guilt spread by the church in your neighborhood.

Apart from that, we have pornography overloading the internet with stimuli, making a whole generation of young adults addicted to masturbation, completely unable to sustain the smallest level of sexual energy within themselves.

It is no mistery that we need to learn how to take a better care of our sexual energy. The question is how!

Introducing NeoTantra

NeoTantra is how do we call a movement led by the controversial philosopher Osho at the peak of new age’s counter-culture years. It’s based on a few Tantrik texts – specially from the Shaiva, non-dualistic tradition – but it willingly lacks some of its profound spiritual philosophy, for Osho was trying to bring these techniques to the eastern man, with no time to lose and a already hyperactivated mind filled with concepts and stressed with so many stimuli.

It relies on some principles that come from Tantra, exploiting its teachings a little bit, giving the impression that Tantra is all about sex. Sex is definitely not a subject on Classical Tantra scriptures as it is in NeoTantra workshops. The connection does not come from out of the blue though: a few tantric rituals could use sexual energy and bodily fluids, but that is not even 1% of what the Tantras have to offer in term techniques to awaken our consciousness.

But, be that as it may, the connection is made and it is helping a lot of people to find some new ways to explore and understand their sexuality. Because NeoTantra’s best contribution to the world is: making sex a meditative experience.

Sex and Meditation

If you look at the response cycle of whats is expected to be a healthy sexual experience, you’ll perceive that some stages require different biochemistry and activation than others. For instance, when we are getting aroused and reaching a plateau of excitation, we need to have our parasympathetic nervous system up and running. That will help bring blood to our genitals, enhance our sensitivity, get a better erection or being more lubricated and activate many other useful symptoms for sexual arousal to occur.

Most of the sexual dysfunctions that occur at these stages on a sexual relationship are connected to an activation of the sympathetic nervous system, which brings adrenaline to out blood stream. Adrenaline wont help us feel aroused, for it will take our blood our of the genitals and rushing to our legs and arms, so we can fight or flee. It is not concerned with sensitivity for there’s a danger detected, and there’s no time to feel. Breathing gets stuck, muscles become tense, and sex starts to seem like work. We feel tired to do it.

Meditation, on the other hand, will balance all the mess that is happening in our nervous system that leads us to these kind of symptoms. Literally any meditation can help you improve your sex life.

Sex and NeoTantrik Meditation

If meditation is already good for your sex life, NeoTantrik meditations are wonderful. Some of these practices will apply meditation techniques with contexts that can trigger or entice your sex energy. Like trying a meditation experience with a partner sitting on your lap with both of you breathing on a certain pattern into each other’s mouths.

Tantrik meditations are known for combining series of elements with a exquisite beauty. On NeoTantra – depending of what we are trying to focus on the practice – we can add aspects that will directly interact with one’s libido or sex drive. Feeling this instinct with awareness can bring to manifestation a lot of emotions that are deep into our subconscious – some of the undigested emotions that we relate and identify to and are getting in the way of a healthy sexual experience.

By meditating with different contexts and aspects regarding our sexuality we create a space to look and learn about our previous experiences, specially on how they interact with our present bodies. When we bring meditation closer to sex, we expand the time we have between an unnoticed unpleasant trigger and its response – that can take us away from an experience. We become more aware of how our sexuality manifests itself. We dare to try new expressions, new forms of love, touch, caress and, specially, new forms and depths of human connection.

Tantra, Chakras and Depression – what do they have in common?

There are many triggers, many causes of depression according to the medical literature. Physiologically speaking — removing all external influences from the scenario and looking at what happens within the body — we understand that depression is deeply related to a bad production or a lack of few hormones and neurotransmitters that will directly affect our behavior and our social ability.

This biochemistry is responsible for our moods, for our morale. Oxytocin, Serotonin, Dopamine are natural anti-depressants produced by our own brain. Also, the hormones produced by the Thyroid — a small gland we all have in our throats — are required by every cell in our bodies. When we lack these hormones, the psychological effects are so intense that this condition is connected directly with suicide cases.

Of course there’s an environment to be considered — someone is way more compelled to depression after losing a relative, being fired or ending a relationship then by after hitting the lottery. But, even these external aspects can only affect your well being if somehow they affect the chemistry within your body. Sadness, happiness, excitement, boredom, these are all biochemical. The production or lack of production of such substances is what makes us perceive the emotions as we do.

So what if we had more control over the functioning of such glands? What if we could harmonize the whole system, keeping our organism working sharply with the best fuels it needs?

The Chakras

It so happens that our physical body produces energy with several of its activities: movement, speaking, breathing, they all produce bioenergy. Chinese medicine, ayurveda and some other eastern medical systems work with the concept of energetic body — an electric field produced by us that is intrinsically connected to our physical body and its health. Everything that is happening within the physical body has a correlation with our energy body that follows a two-way street. If our body is suffering from something, it will definitely affect the way our energy is produced and distributed within our bodies just as our physical body will probably feel any symptoms should something in our electric body stop working.

And just as our physical body has organs and veins and several other structures tangled together, it so does our energetic body. We have nadis, channels of bioelectricity that work like “energetic veins,” and Chakras, which are vortices of energy created where many nadis cross themselves. We have hundreds of Chakras, these “energetic organs” in our electrical field. You’ll find several interpretations of this energy map – some schools of thought will say we have over hundreds of chakras within our body while others will name five of them. Be that as it may, the most popular bioenergy map around states seven chakras that would stand out, because they are connected directly with a few glands within our bodies. Glands that produce hormones. Hormones that create your state-of-mind.

So if there was a way to stimulate our energy body into a more healthy pattern or behavior, wouldn’t that reflect on our physical bodies as well?

And the Tantra

Tantra is a spiritual philosophy that teaches several techniques of meditations and awareness, luring our focus within, to whatever is happening in our bodies. These scriptures have been adapted – some might say misinterpreted – and its teachings have been repacked into something called Tantric Therapy or NeoTantra, which is basically a set of techniques and teachings that try to connect this old ancient teachings to our neurotic contemporary society. Instead of awakening and liberation, neotantrikas tend to talk more about traumas and emotional release.

These techniques help us to perceive the bioenergy within ourselves, as well as to intensify the level of energy we produce. Through these practices one can develop a new state of consciousness, a different perception of reality within you and around you. So, by focusing one’s consciousness while elevating the amount of energy within one’s body is possible to stimulate all these chakras into a better functioning.

And when your chakras are working, your glands are working as well. When your glands are working, hormones and neurotransmitters reach your blood and your brain cells bringing you good sensations and feelings, peaceful thoughts, and a more positive point of view of the world as you see it. That is why, more and more, Tantra practitioners from all around the world are developing a therapeutic approach to Tantra, focusing on the benefits it can bring to one’s health. And the results for depression treatment are very positive and fast, even though we still don’t have medical literature and academic research to back it up.

Important note

Bear in mind that this article does not have the pretension of putting anyone off his or her medicine. You should ask for your psychiatrist for that. Never, slot oyunları kazandırır mı under any circumstance, should you stop or start taking antidepressants without the guidance of such professional.

The only intent here is to show that there are other ways, alternatives for you to deal with depression. Alternatives that mainstream media and the pharmaceutical billionaire lobby surely don’t want it to get spread. Most of the alternatives they present are merely symptomatic and don’t help us build the resilience to deal with our emotional demands.

But, as our body has a natural defense for flu or a bad unwanted bacteria, it has its way to heal from depression as well. We just need to know how to use it, how to incentivize this wisdom to be at its peak! Try to look for a Tantra Therapist for guidance.

Why does every major religion try to control your sexuality?

From virgins in afterlife to forbidden masturbation, it is no secret that all major religions — Catholicism, Islamism, Judaism particularly — put significant effort into their holy texts in order to manipulate one’s sexuality. By using sex as punishment or as reward, by telling about their prophets and gods’ sexual activity — to say the least — all these scriptures try, in several levels, to establish control over their followers’ sexual energy. 

Why is that? Are they really concerned with moral issues? Maybe concerned about lose some popularity in the afterlife, should their followers be condemned after their judgement? Hell no!

The power of free flowing sexual energy

The answer lies on the power of one’s sexual energy. This is our vital energy; the same energy that can create a life can bring more life, more vitality, into someone. To understand and be fully aware of this inner power can change one’s life. This energy can be used to harmonize your vibrational field, to balance the energy levels on all your chakras, to boost your metabolism, to produce hormones and for many other positive uses. Mastering this force opens up the consciousness, it changes your perception, and reveals all the wisdom that is held by your body. 

Nothing brings more balance and stability to our nervous system than a proper sexual discharge. All the hormones and neurotransmitters that flood our body after orgasm boost our state of well being, relax our body and our thoughts by melting away the everyday tension we build up inside while going through and stressful lifestyle.

When you are unable to experience this level of relaxation through your sexuality, you’ll probably wind up reaching it somewhere else; abusing any substance, eating more than you need, taking prescriptive drugs that replace the hormones synthetically and so on. Of course our consumerism won’t leave those who have money without an option.

Control over sex molds the society

George Orwell and Aldous Huxley were both brilliant illustrating on their literature how much you can manipulate a population when you control their sexuality — with totally different examples. The first one, on 1984, shows a rigid society where sex is consider filthy and everyone’s sex drive is compelled towards hate. The second one, on Brave New World, brings up a liberal society where you can be seen as a considerable weird and inappropriate person just by refusing sex with someone. Even considered suspicious by the eyes of the government.

Just by dominating this aspect of one’s life, you can almost slave this person. You can attach several concepts into their sexuality, thus making sex an extremely mental activity. And this will change these people’s lives along with their own behavior. It will change the way they relate to each other; it will change their values, their goals, their clothes, their conversations, their relationship with the opposite sex, their relationship with their own bodies. 

For instance, why do we create only a family with someone we have sex with? Why do we need labels such as homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual within a society? What effects does sexual repression have except for a billionaire porn industry and a handful of traumas?

Knowing your energy through a spiritual path

That’s why Tantrikas — followers and practitioners of Tantra — were pursued all over the world. Because Tantra, as a behavioral and spiritual philosophy, presents you hypothesis for you to test that will help you to develop a different awareness of your whole body energy; instead of keeping it to the instinct level, Tantra shows you – by acceptance, never by conflict or repression – how to transform this instinctive urge into a sacred source of bliss. 

With unique meditations, Tantra guides you through a path of self-knowledge that uses your body energy as fuel. It eliminates all the dirty concepts your mind projects on sex or anything else related to your body by bringing your whole focus and attention to the presence of this energy inside you. You face your sexual energy in another context, without any of the mind games you’re used to handle, but with a meditative approach. This brings you a state of elevated consciousness about yourself, your ego, your individuality, and your essence. It is a path that makes you unique, not a piece from a flock.

Religions want followers, not wise man. They don’t want you to be an independent and critical thinker; they want you to follow guidelines. They need to shape you so you could be better at consuming their fate and battling their enemies. And if they have you thinking about right and wrong, about heaven and hell every time you take your clothes off, they got you already. Ask yourself this: how much of my sexuality and my behavior is connected with my inner self? If the answer puzzles you, it is time to meditate!

Anahata – O Chakra Cardíaco – e a sua saúde

Se você começou a ler esse texto, vamos começar com alguns pressupostos pra que o assunto não vire uma viagem sem pé nem cabeça. Eu suponho que você tenha uma ideia ou já tenha ouvido falar em chakras, em nadis, em meridianos de energia, e coisas do gênero. Não vamos entrar no mérito do “acreditar na energia” porque a coisa fica new age demais.


Os Chakras e a Bioenergia

Mas enfim, o nosso corpo produz bioeletricidade. Aqueles que são fãs de ficção científica, lembram dessa cena do filme Matrix que dá inclusive detalhes da quantidade de energia e calor que nosso corpo é capaz de produzir. Uma série de atividades do nosso organismo resulta na produção de energia – metabolismo, digestão, trocas gasosas que acontecem na respiração, movimento dos seus músculos, o pulsar do coração – são atividades que produzem energia dentro do seu biossistema. 

Alguns estudiosos de medicina ocidental utilizam a leitura dessa produção de energia do corpo como maneira de diagnosticar a saúde de uma pessoa e prevenir que doenças mais sérias possam se manifestar. Essa produção bioelétrica está diretamente conectada ao nosso corpo físico, material, e se espalha pelo corpo e criando e conectando diversos circuitos. Essas conexões criam regiões onde energias se acumulam com mais força, ou em maior quantidade. Perto do coração temos um Chakra – uma dessas regiões de concentração energética – conhecido como ücretsiz casino oyunları oyna Anahata que, em sânscrito, significa algo do tipo “aquele que não foi atingido”. 

O Anahata, embora esteja alinhado e em sintonia com a pulsação do coração, muitas vezes é também associado a uma pequena glândula endócrina bem diferente: A Timo. Diferente porque ela aumenta de tamanho quando somos crianças, e atrofia já na puberdade. Ela chega a variar de tamanho, podendo ter até 37 gramas quando você chega na adolescência pra 5 gramas quando você chegar nos seus 70, 3 vezes menor do que era quando você nasceu. Essa glândula é responsável por secretar algumas substâncias, muito conectadas com a saúde do nosso metabolismo e sistema imunológico. Coisas como envelhecimento precoce, processos alérgicos e problemas de baixa resistência estão diretamente ligados a um mau funcionamento da Timo e o desequilíbrio de suas substâncias. 

Muitos estudos já foram feitos – e deixarei algumas referências científicas ao final do artigo* – explicando o poder das emoções na nossa saúde física. E as emoções que afetam diretamente o funcionamento energético do Anahata são aquelas consideradas mais sutis, como a empatia, a compaixão e o amor. Sem a presença desses sentimentos a pessoa vai, pouco a pouco, interferindo no funcionamento do Chakra cardíaco, consequentemente comprometendo o bom funcionamento da Timo e a manutenção saudável de suas atividades. Pessoas demasiadamente egoístas, com dificuldade de se relacionar – seja amorosa ou amigavelmente – que não conseguem se colocar no lugar do outro, e pessoas que não desenvolvem a auto-estima e o amor próprio, todos esses traços comportamentais afetam diretamente todo o seu biossistema comprometendo o funcionamento da Timo em um círculo vicioso onde já não se sabe mais a causa ou a consequência. O comportamento prejudica o corpo que, por sua vez, condiciona o comportamento dada a perda de saúde e assim a pessoa segue.


O poder da meditação

Para que a gente possa intervir nesse processo autofágico do emocional com o corpo, precisamos ter uma visão sistêmica a respeito do nosso comportamento e uma percepção de nós mesmos que não seja exclusivamente nutrida pelo status quo que o nosso Ego tanto adora. Muitas terapias podem ajudar nesse processo. Muitas vezes conversar com um psicanalista basta. casino oyunları bedava slot Mas, às vezes, você ja ouviu tudo o que o analista tem pra te dizer, tudo faz muito sentido, mas a transformação no corpo e no comportamento não vem. 

Isso acontece porque transformação acontece de dentro pra fora, e não de fora pra dentro. Por mais que as coisas façam um certo sentido lógico pra você e convença sua mente, o seu corpo ainda não sente aquilo da mesma forma. A meditação é uma maneira de se reconectar com o corpo, entender as marcas que as emoções deixaram no teu corpo físico, que, como se não bastasse, vai expandir a sua consciência e a sua percepção sobre si mesmo. A meditação é extremamente útil para que possamos nos enxergar além da obviedade das situações.

Por meio da prática regular da meditação – e recomendo nesse caso as meditações ativas do Tantra – a pessoa começa a sentir melhor como os seus comportamentos e atitudes estão influenciando positivamente ou negativamente o seu corpo. Sentir, não entender. O trabalho meditativo, por ser uma reconexão com o corpo, é extremamente sensorial e absolutamente nada lógico. Os insights aparecem de maneira nada linear, manifestados de maneiras das mais diversas, conforme vemos nos encontros de meditação que fazemos. A partir do momento que a experiência traz esse sentido – entre corpo e comportamento – sem que ninguém tenha dito pra pessoa que ela precisa ser assim ou assado, a escolha de sair desse comportamento viciado torna-se muito mais presente, surge com muito mais força. É mais fácil parar de fumar quando se medita, assim como é mais fácil abrir o seu coração para um relacionamento que parece assustador como todos os outros antes dele.


Cuidando da Timo

Tudo que você ouviu falar que serve para cuidar do coração, serve muito bem para manter a Timo a todo vapor. Mas muito mais do que caminhar, pedalar e fazer alguns exercícios aeróbicos, precisamos nutrir o corpo de boas emoções. Aprender a desenvolver a compaixão, a conexão livre e desinteressada por outro ser humano, sair dos padrões estabelecidos pela sociedade e criar um olhar amoroso a respeito de si próprio, independente dos estereótipos e nomenclaturas vigentes. E isso pode ser um processo dolorido no começo, porque você pode sentir um enorme peso no corpo, como se tivesse perdido muito tempo da sua vida em emoções mesquinhas e nocivas à tua saúde. Mas passa. Como uma academia: o desconforto físico passa com a prática constante.

Se você sente alguns dos sintomas comentados anteriormente, como alergias, doenças autoimunes, baixa resistência física, envelhecimento precoce, ou qualquer outra consequência do mau funcionamento da Timo, procura referências amorosas no seu dia a dia. Encontre pessoas que você admira e troque um longo e demorado abraço. Procure fazer uma tarefa artística que te traz satisfação. Encontre uma pessoa em dificuldades e ofereça sua atenção para que ela possa compartilhar seu problema. Todas essas sensações de prazer, amor, compaixão, conexão e empatia vão ajudar a dissolver qualquer questão energética que possa estar ligada ao funcionamento dessa glandulazinha tão importante.

Aquela velha história que todo mundo já ouviu: uma raiva pode virar uma úlcera. Antes da emoção se somatizar, antes que você precisa de cirurgia e remédios pra vida inteira, você pode curar seu corpo pela meditação. Menos invasiva, mais barata, sem contra indicação e com todos os efeitos colaterais extremamente positivos. Vai esperar até quando?



banner-heart-chakra-dunasDomingo dia 5/2 às 14h30min no Parque das Dunas, Moti, Vatya e eu, todos terapeutas tântricos, vamos conduzir um encontro gratuito de meditação chamado Meditação do Coração.

A ideia é nos sintonizarmos com esse centro de energia chamado Anahata e tentar perceber um pouco melhor como anda a nossa amorosidade, nossa compaixão e nossa empatia.

Bora sair do sofá e começar o seu processo de cura?




* Alguma bibliografia pra quem quiser se aprofundar (textos em inglês)

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Transforme sua maneira de ver o mundo


Você pode olhar pra cada pessoa ao seu redor e encontrar uma série de coisas detestáveis a respeito de cada uma delas.

Mas com certeza também pode olhar e encontrar as mais belas preciosidades do comportamento humano.

Você pode gastar seu tempo exacerbando os defeitos das pessoas ou enaltecendo suas qualidades.

Que mundo você quer criar ao seu redor?


Venha criar um mundo mais amoroso e acolhedor.