slot oyunları hile There are many triggers, many causes of depression according to the medical literature. Physiologically speaking — removing all external influences from the scenario and looking at what happens within the body — we understand that depression is deeply related to a bad production or a lack of few hormones and neurotransmitters that will directly affect our behavior and our social ability.

watch This biochemistry is responsible for our moods, for our morale. Oxytocin, Serotonin, Dopamine are natural anti-depressants produced by our own brain. Also, the hormones produced by the Thyroid — a small gland we all have in our throats — are required by every cell in our bodies. When we lack these hormones, the psychological effects are so intense that this condition is connected directly with suicide cases.

casino oyunlari kitap Of course there’s an environment to be considered — someone is way more compelled to depression after losing a relative, being fired or ending a relationship then by after hitting the lottery. But, even these external aspects can only affect your well being if somehow they affect the chemistry within your body. Sadness, happiness, excitement, boredom, these are all biochemical. The production or lack of production of such substances is what makes us perceive the emotions as we do.

wolfteam slotlar nasıl açılır So what if we had more control over the functioning of such glands? What if we could harmonize the whole system, keeping our organism working sharply with the best fuels it needs?

The Chakras

It so happens that our physical body produces energy with several of its activities: movement, speaking, breathing, they all produce bioenergy. Chinese medicine, ayurveda and some other eastern medical systems work with the concept of energetic body — an electric field produced by us that is intrinsically connected to our physical body and its health. Everything that is happening within the physical body has a correlation with our energy body that follows a two-way street. If our body is suffering from something, it will definitely affect the way our energy is produced and distributed within our bodies just as our physical body will probably feel any symptoms should something in our electric body stop working.

And just as our physical body has organs and veins and several other structures tangled together, it so does our energetic body. We have nadis, channels of bioelectricity that work like “energetic veins,” and Chakras, which are vortices of energy created where many nadis cross themselves. We have hundreds of Chakras, these “energetic organs” in our electrical field. You’ll find several interpretations of this energy map – some schools of thought will say we have over hundreds of chakras within our body while others will name five of them. Be that as it may, the most popular bioenergy map around states seven chakras that would stand out, because they are connected directly with a few glands within our bodies. Glands that produce hormones. Hormones that create your state-of-mind.

So if there was a way to stimulate our energy body into a more healthy pattern or behavior, wouldn’t that reflect on our physical bodies as well?

And the Tantra

Tantra is a spiritual philosophy that teaches several techniques of meditations and awareness, luring our focus within, to whatever is happening in our bodies. These scriptures have been adapted – some might say misinterpreted – and its teachings have been repacked into something called Tantric Therapy or NeoTantra, which is basically a set of techniques and teachings that try to connect this old ancient teachings to our neurotic contemporary society. Instead of awakening and liberation, neotantrikas tend to talk more about traumas and emotional release.

These techniques help us to perceive the bioenergy within ourselves, as well as to intensify the level of energy we produce. Through these practices one can develop a new state of consciousness, a different perception of reality within you and around you. So, by focusing one’s consciousness while elevating the amount of energy within one’s body is possible to stimulate all these chakras into a better functioning.

And when your chakras are working, your glands are working as well. When your glands are working, hormones and neurotransmitters reach your blood and your brain cells bringing you good sensations and feelings, peaceful thoughts, and a more positive point of view of the world as you see it. That is why, more and more, Tantra practitioners from all around the world are developing a therapeutic approach to Tantra, focusing on the benefits it can bring to one’s health. And the results for depression treatment are very positive and fast, even though we still don’t have medical literature and academic research to back it up.

Important note

Bear in mind that this article does not have the pretension of putting anyone off his or her medicine. You should ask for your psychiatrist for that. Never, bedava slot casino oyunları indir under any circumstance, should you stop or start taking antidepressants without the guidance of such professional.

The only intent here is to show that there are other ways, alternatives for you to deal with depression. Alternatives that mainstream media and the pharmaceutical billionaire lobby surely don’t want it to get spread. Most of the alternatives they present are merely symptomatic and don’t help us build the resilience to deal with our emotional demands.

But, as our body has a natural defense for flu or a bad unwanted bacteria, it has its way to heal from depression as well. We just need to know how to use it, how to incentivize this wisdom to be at its peak! Try to look for a Tantra Therapist for guidance.